RiskAdvisor Announces Partnership with VIVA Virtual Assistants

By David Watson

This collaboration helps put the agent-client relationship at the center of the insurance buying process.

RiskAdvisor, a digital platform that leverages smart form technology and automation to streamline the quoting and renewal process, is thrilled to announce a partnership with VIVA Virtual Assistants, a cost-effective support solution helping independent agents focus more on high revenue activities by outsourcing “low to no revenue” tasks to VAs.

Through this collaboration, RiskAdvisor and VIVA Virtual Assistant clients can now utilize RiskAdvisor’s smart form questionnaires to capture client data and safely send that data directly to their virtual assistants at the click of a button. 

Here’s how it works:

Ask client questions > document responses in RiskAdvisor smart form > click & send responses to VAs > let VAs work their quoting magic > repeat.

The process is simple, streamlined, and repeatable.

Thanks to this partnership, agents can say goodbye to dual data entry and the cumbersome process of transferring client data to their VAs. Now, the VAs will have everything they need to quote or renew your clients’ policies.

“I am excited for this partnership as it realizes a piece of the core vision that we built RiskAdvisor for. The Agency/VA relationship. It’s extremely important to me to help agencies thrive with the help of VA’s and the partnership with a great VA company like VIVA Virtual Assistants helps us do just that.” - David Watson, Founder of RiskAdvisor

“We are extremely excited to partner with RiskAdvisor because we have seen first hand that less than 5% of all agencies have taken the time to document their agency processes effectively. As a result, more than 90% of agencies are flying blind when it comes to communicating expectations with VA’s. RiskAdvisor makes the agency communication with a VA much more efficient and thus helps create long term scalability and ensures success for the agency.” - Rob Lopez, Founder of VIVA Virtual Assistants

About RiskAdvisor

RiskAdvisor was created to help independent agents improve efficiency and write more profitable business by streamlining and simplifying the quoting and renewal process. 

Through smart form technology and automation, RiskAdvisor is designed to help agents guide clients through a consultative conversation around their risk, capturing all the necessary information to properly quote and insure a client. 

Now, with powerful integrations and strategic partnerships - RiskAdvisor is the industry’s best-kept secret to writing more profitable accounts, leveraging technology to put the agent-client relationship at the center of the insurance buying experience.

For more information about how RiskAdvisor can help your agency write more profitable business, visit riskadvisor.insure. 

About VIVA Virtual Assistants

VIVA Virtual Assistants offers the highest quality virtual assistant services to businesses across North America. 100% of their Virtual Assistants speak both Spanish & English and are college educated! VIVA Virtual Assistants are skilled and experienced professionals and can help you generate more leads, close more deals & help you make more commissions - all while saving you over 60% of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

That’s why VIVA is quickly becoming the #1 choice of top insurance professionals across North America.

For more information about how VIVA Virtual Assistants can help your agency, visit vivavs.com.

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