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Capture your client's risk profile

Click & send data to carries & VAs

Streamline the quoting & renewal process

The Problem:

The process of gathering and transferring client data to accurately quote or renew a policy is inefficient, outdated, and prone to human error.

  • You spend more time collecting and transferring client data, and less time advising your client on risk
  • Your team is entering the same data into multiple systems in order to get an accurate insurance quote
  • You're struggling to differentiate yourself against other independent agencies

We've been there. It's why we built RiskAdvisor. For Agents, By Agents.

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The Solution:

RiskAdvisor helps you protect your clients, streamline the quoting & renewal process, and write more profitable accounts.

Here's how it works:

  • Capture Risk Profile

    Guide clients through a comprehensive risk assessment using pre-built, smart forms.

  • Click & Send

    Click and send clients' data directly to underwriters, carriers and virtual assistants within seconds.

  • Quote Accurately

    Offer a simple and seamless quoting and renewal experience, reduce E&O exposures, and put the clients' protection first.

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Powerful Direct Integrations

EstatedSpend less time researching, gathering, and entering data. Estated provides the fastest access to accurate, robust, high-quality property data in seconds.
EzLynxNo more duplicate entry! Fill out your client's information once and it's automatically populated in EZLynx ready to be sent to your carriers.

Connect to BetterAgency through our Zapier Integration

Our Zapier integration is powerful — saving you time and helping you provide a better quote to keep your clients protected.

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Save $ with RiskAdvisor

If your agency quotes lines of business each year,RiskAdvisor could save you $ every year.

We estimate that RiskAdvisor saves you 15 minutes of work for every line of business you quote.

Your Investment

Exclusive Pricing for Better Agency Users!

Lite Plan

$ 69 /month
  • 1-2 Users

  • Click & Send

  • Zapier Integration


$ 169 /month
  • 3-6 Users

  • Click & Send

  • Zapier Integration

  • EzLynx Rater Add-On

  • Estated Add-On

Premium Plan

$ 269 /month
  • 7-10 Users Included

  • All Lite and Plus Features

  • Premium Support