Updates as of 8/18/22

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Features & Enhancements

VIN Validation

Both Non-EZLynx and EZLynx agencies will now be given the option to select whether they have the VIN or not. 

If the user has the VIN, they will be able to type or copy & paste it in. Once they do, the VIN will be verified and will automatically generate the Year, Make, and Model. 

If the user is an EZLynx user, the Year, Make, and Model will be populated from the EZLynx API as to make sure that it correctly updates to EZLynx’s requirements. 

Type of Business Dropdown

RiskAdvisor users will now have the ability to select the type of business for the Risk Profile that they are working on. 

The two options provided are “New Business” and “Renewal/Rewrite”. 

This will allow you to assign the Risk Profile in your CRM properly. Making it even easier to start the correct campaigns. 

EZLynx Agencies - Co-Applicant

EZLynx agencies will now see the Co-Applicant’s information generated in EZLynx if that information is populated in RiskAdvisor. 

This includes Name, Date of Birth, Marital Status, DL # (if applicable), Education, Industry, Occupation, Phone, and Email Address. 

Bug Fixes

EZLynx Agencies - Prior Address

EZLynx agencies have seen the issue where the prior address has not populated correctly in EZLynx.

This has been corrected to prevent any additional work from needing to be done in EZLynx. 

Ensure that Date of Birth is a Valid Date

Some users might have experienced an issue if they were to accidentally input an incorrect year when inputting the Date of Birth. This has been corrected.

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