Release Notes – 12/29/2022

What’s New 🚀



Client Search / You now have the ability to search RiskAdvisor, AgencyZoom Prospects, & AgencyZoom Clients at the same time

Lead Source Synced Real Time with AgencyZoom / Your AgencyZoom lead sources will be synced with RiskAdvisor without any manual updating on your end. The lead sources will be categorized similar to how they are in AgencyZoom in a searchable dropdown that is part of the Applicant Section

Upload Risk Profile PDFs & Attached Files to AgencyZoom / Risk Profile PDFs and any attachments that you upload to RiskAdvisor will be synced automatically with AgencyZoom

Notes added in RiskAdvisor automatically sync with AgencyZoom / Your notes from RiskAdvisor will now be synced with AgencyZoom

QuoteRush Rater (Beta)

Realtime Sync / After you submit a Risk Profile you will be able to view the lead information instantly in QuoteRush

PL Rating (Beta)

Bridge Home & Auto Risk Profiles real time / After you submit a Risk Profile you will be given the option to bridge the data over to PL Rating. You will have this option immediately, in your Submission Summary email, and in your Virtual Assistant Email

User Experience

Discovery Section for Home Form / Updated to mimic the natural flow of a conversation with your prospect

Overall Flow for the Home Form / The Discovery Section will now the start the home form which will be followed by the Discounts and Exposure Sections

Simplified Occupation Selection / You will now have just one dropdown for occupations for Applicant’s and Driver’s. The mapping to the split Industry/Occupation is handled automatically for you in the applicable Rater Integrations

Added Options for PO Box Mailing Address and Street Mailing Address / You now have the option to select a PO Box or Street Address for the mailing address

Home Form Additions

Wind Mitigation Discount Details / You now have all of the applicable data points for the standard Wind Mitigation form under the Discounts > Wind Mitigation Checkbox

Misc Other Items

Updated Year Built Dropdown to extend to year 1600

Add $15,000 as an Option for Water Back Up

Remove Mold Default

Remove Loss Assessment Default

Remove Defaults for the % Dropdowns for Home Coverage B, C, & D

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