Onboarding New Producers Made Easy

Trust me, I get it. Hiring and Onboarding New Producers can be frustrating.
From the interviews and the negotiating of commission splits it can be difficult.
Once you get them hired, then comes the even more difficult part.
Onboarding and training them.
That said, I am going to give you 3 surefire ways that RiskAdvisor can help you Onboard your New Producers.

1 / An easy to follow Discovery Call questionnaire

RiskAdvisor has completely automated the Discovery Call process.
For the most part, we have taken the thinking out of it.
You ask this question.
Prospect answers this way.
You ask this follow up question.
Rinse & Repeat.
Whether you have been writing insurance for 2 days or 20 years. You will know what to ask and when to ask it.

2 / Reduced Duplicate Entry

RiskAdvisor gives you the ability to send your Data to VAs, Wholesale Brokers, Raters, and so on.
The last thing that you want your new hire to be is overwhelmed.
With RiskAdvisor, you have made it easy for them to distribute this valuable data where it needs to go.
Letting your new hire only think about building relationships with their prospects.
This ensures that they will not become overwhelmed which puts them in a position to thrive.

3 / Easy to Spot Check & Review

With RiskAdvisor you now have an easy process to Spot Check & Review with your new hire.
Gone are the days asking them to keep up with a binder of their prospect lead sheets.
Not to mention cluttered desks with paper info sheets.
As a manager, we make it easy for you to review their submissions.
This allows you to give them valuable feedback to make sure that they are doing it the way you need them to.

Plug-and-Play New Producers

We know how hard it is to find good producers and how long it takes to train them properly. With RiskAdvisor, you can plug-in even the most inexperienced producer, knowing the correct data is being collected accurately.

Improve Your Insurance Quoting with RiskAdvisor

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