How to Write More Profitable Insurance Using Virtual Assistants


Throughout the insurance industry, the need for quality assistance has never been greater. 

Managing your workload can be challenging, especially when you’re simultaneously trying to advise clients on risk, answer email, prepare quotes, and input data…all while trying to grow your business.

A virtual assistant (VA) may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

VAs can be individual contractors or employees of another company that leases those employees to other agencies.

How Virtual Assistants Can Help

In an era when time is of the essence, virtual assistants can step in to eliminate tedious, time-consuming activities, allowing you to focus more on client relationships and less on administrative tasks.

Common tasks that virtual assistants perform include:

  • Agent and customer support
  • Data entry
  • Policy recommendation
  • Product comparison
  • Pipeline management
  • Claims and payment processing
  • …and more

Hiring a VA can increase productivity, drive sales and customer experience, improve profitability, and eliminate backlog.

How to get started using a virtual assistant

1 / Create a standardized process for your VA to follow. Prepare a written outline of the required steps necessary to complete each task.

2 / Make your process clear and concise. The instructions should be written so that any person can easily follow them. This will be especially important if your VA is out and you have a replacement filling in.

3 / Keep your process simple and easy to follow. Taking the “less is more” approach can help ensure that all steps are accurately followed and leaves little room for error.

4 / Make your process repeatable. The more a task is performed, the easier it will become to remember. Repetition will keep the process flowing smoothly.

5 / Train your internal staff so everyone follows the same process. Consistency is key to ensuring that all clients are receiving the same quality service. 

Or, all RiskAdvisor clients have access to this simple process:

1 / Use RiskAdvisor’s intake questionnaire to gather client data.

2 / Click & send client data safely and securely to your VAs within seconds.

RiskAdvisor makes it simple and intuitive to capture client information and transfer that data to your VAs, without the need for duplicate data entry. 

Powerful automation allows you to consistently send the right information in the same structure, saving you time and effort.

Virtual assistants handle all of the service tasks that can slow you down, which can free you up to focus on what matters most – serving, selling, and growing.


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