Data On Paper

RiskAdvisor Paperwork

As insurance agents, we can all agree on this:

Our industry is outdated.

When we build a new advancement in the industry –

We find out other industries have been at this for years.

So, let’s talk about data….

Data will soon be more valuable than our renewal commission.

And how you use your data will impact the value of your agency.

But efficiency in leveraging and using data is key here.

Here are 3 reasons why you should never put data on paper:

1 / Duplicate entry

If you’re writing down data at some point it needs to be transferred somewhere else.

A management system.

An email.

A rater.

Eliminate duplicate entries and get a system where data is easily transferable. 

2 / Cyber Liability

Cyber liability claims can happen when data is written on paper.

Anything that contains sensitive data can lead to a cyber claim.

This includes files that need to be shredded.

3 / Data on paper doesn’t work for you

If you have your valuable data on paper –

There’s no way that data is working for you.

Implementing a system and process gets your data working for you.

We built RiskAdvisor to help agents optimize on their valuable data.

It structures your data so it’s easier to transfer, eliminating dual entry.

By utilizing RiskAdvisor for personal discovery calls, data is:

Easily transferable to VAs

Easily transferable to wholesale brokers

Easily transferable to EZLynx rater

And, connects with other apps via zapier.

So, how does this help?

It saves you time.

It helps you use data more effectively.

It saves your agency money.

In fact, it makes your agency more money.

Don’t waste valuable data by putting it on paper.

Get it in a system like RiskAdvisor and let it help your agency generate revenue and results.

Eliminate Double Entry

You’ll ask the right questions and onboard clients faster with our pre-built insurance forms. These forms are smart—eliminating the need for double entry and reducing errors.

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